Instagram, alongside its parent- Facebook went down as reported by thousands of loyal users as they failed in their attempts to access the social media platforms.

Although, the severity of the service interruptions varied across users, but it affected those on both mobile and web browsers. According to website tracker Down Detector, thousands of people reported problems accessing Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram during the same general timeframe on Wednesday.

Some users tweeted their concerns about the unforeseen outage saying they messages from Facebook mentioned “required maintenance” while others reported that they were unable to access these sites altogether.  While some users were unable to access the site, others, as reported from UK said they could access the site but were limited to certain functions on the app or web browser. While severity of this issue was more significant in the US according to report, some reports came from South America, the U.K., Europe, and Turkey as well.

According to The Guardian, the outages lasted for approximately two hours. But the question remains — what caused these issues to begin with?

Meanwhile the sites’ issues have been resolved by now, so users can continue their activities on the platform.

So far, there’s nothing that outright indicates the issue was the result of something done by a third party and on the other hand, Instagram and Facebook have remained largely tight-lipped about the cause which is against their usual response to issues like this. Back in 2010, Facebook engineer Robert Johnson shared a detailed, technical explanation on why service was interrupted for many users for about 2.5 hours — the worst the company had experienced in over four years at that point. Essentially, Johnson concluded that it was caused by internal issues rather than anything like a Cyber Attack. Also the company went on an unplanned one hour recess in 2015, the company explained  the outage as being the result of something that “occurred after we introduced a change that affected our configuration systems.”

Let’s hope to find out the reason behind this year’s version soon.


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