Instagram Goes down twice in one Week

It is not clear what has caused the problem with the Facebook-owned app and the company for the meantime has withheld comment on it. Instagram's issues began at about 9.20am this morning, when more than one thousand people reporting problems to Down Detector, a website which collates reports of outages and websites crashes. Its effect hit users around the world, with the UK, US Australia, Japan, Europe, South America and parts of South East Asia all suffering.

Facebook and Instagram had been declared down across the UK, Europe and America earlier this week. Some people said there had been a "total blackout" which stopped them loading the site while others claimed to have had difficulty sharing pictures or writing posts.


The map shared by Down Detector shows that the problem affected the UK as well as mainland Europe and cities on the west and east coasts of America. It is rare for Facebook to suffer an outage - and even rarer for it to be brought down at the same time as Instagram.



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