Facebook Stories will hit lime light before long. The feature to cross post from Instagram to facebook showed for US users after it had been tested in Portugal. As confirmed by Facebook the option syndicating you Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories has been officially rolled out for all user around the globe. Although an exception has been made for businesses, considering that they are not allowed for Facebook stories yet.

As said by a Facebook spokesperson, “You now have the option to share your Instagram Stories to your Facebook Stories. We’re always working to make it easier to share any moment with the people who matter to you” Facebook also opined that while you can’t do the reverse, posting Facebook Stories to Instagram Stories, it hasn’t ruled that out building such synergy in the future.

The feature should drastically reduce on the stress and annoyance of manually reposting your Stories, which takes both extra time and can lead to reduced image quality as posts are saved and re-uploaded elsewhere. Stories are supposed to be raw, and created in the moment, but all that cross-posting can steal your attention from what you were doing.

When Facebook Stories first rolled out, many people saw tiny view counts despite Facebook’s massive popularity. Audiences have been found to be warming up to Facebook Stories. This week, an analysis was made; manually sharing identical sets of Stories on Facebook with a profile that has about 2800 friends and an Instagram account that has 5000 followers. Yet on the Facebook story received over 820 views compared to just 220 on Instagram.

This shows that people are willing to watch Stories on Facebook…there’s just not as much content there since it’s only open to users and public figures, and its camera is more glitchy and less familiar. Meanwhile Instagram Stories’ polished composer is widely used and open to brands. So essentially, if you’re looking for viewers, there’s a big opportunity on Facebook Stories right now.

Expectations remain that soon, over time, Facebook’s whole family of apps will allow easy cross-posting, so regardless of where you compose on; Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Messenger, you’ll be enabled to share to all the networks you want with a single upload as the test-run is on-going.

The company’s head of design Luke Woods said “We’re putting people first. We’re focusing on the outcome, on helping them to achieve their goals, and secondarily on what form that takes.” This was his response when his opinion was requested about the ethical explanation behind Snapchat clone.


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