People usually do not want to believe this phenomenon but regardless of their opinion, it is real and true that you can actually but followers on Instagram. The world of likes and followers has users so mad that we don’t think twice about instantly wanting followers and not working for the honour of bagging them. Fame-hungry bloggers, politicians, big brands, and celebrities have all been accused at one time or another of buying Instagram followers, and it must be said that it looks super obvious when you get 1,000 new followers within an hour.

Here it is. Buying your followers does actually works. However, it will not be a list of followers who want to engage with your or your brand but rather the bought and paid for followers are just there for the prestige it gives your account. It has been proven that the number of followers a page has, weighs heavily on a person’s decision to follow the page or not, your first 1,000 followers will get the ball rolling and hopefully will encourage people who will actually engage with your content to follow your page.

How to buy Instagram followers

There are a couple of ways to off-shoot a super cool Instagram following by paying for it. It requires no work from you at all to buy Instagram followers, all you need to do is link your account to your chosen service, pay for how many followers you want and watch your audience grow.

Instagram followers can also be bought through the process of a company using Instagram automation to comment on people’s pictures or the company you pay making fake pages to follow you or a company that uses automation which follows and unfollows hundreds of accounts in hopes some of them follow you back.

There are plenty of different companies and services that do the exact same thing for similar price tags ranging from about $14.99 for 1500 followers and it takes just about 10 minutes.

You can also grow your Instagram following base by trying Instagram automation, this involves subscribing to paying for a service, to like and comment on random Instagrams across the app in the hopes that they will all convert to new followers. You set hashtags that your audience would use and the bot basically creeps around these hashtags and comments on pictures or you can the comments that the bot could make use of.

The second option is really not the best because random comments sent out by the bots can easily sell the untrue side of your huge followers list which could result to people seeing you as “fake”, so this method is not recommended for brands because the Bots that you pay for can also make huge mistakes like following huge numbers of people you don’t want to follow and bringing a total imbalance to that follower to following ratio.


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